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Conjoined twins separated at Harare Hospital

July 24, 2014 Leave a comment

ZIMBABWE has broken new ground in its medical history by successfully performing the first major operation on Siamese twins born in April, with a team of 50 having worked on the eight-hour delicate procedure at Harare Children’s Hospital.

Born on April 22 this year to a Murehwa couple, the twin boys christened Kupakwashe and Tapiwanashe, were joined from the lower chest to the upper abdomen and shared a liver.

The most delicate part of the operation was on the liver, which had to be cut into two to ensure that both boys were left with something, although a liver can grow back if a part of it is removed.

Speaking after visiting the boys who are recuperating in the Intensive Care Unit, Health and Child Care Deputy Minister Dr Paul Chimedza said the procedure was testimony to the quality of health professionals in the country.

He said the successful operation signified how quick the country’s public health system was recovering.

Zimbabwe health sector was affected by brain-drain and funding constraints over the past 14 years as the West’s illegal economic sanctions regime constrained Government’s capacity to fund the sector.

“This (the historic op) is something that the nation should sit and take note of, that our professionals can stand head-to-head with other professionals across the world and do exactly what they can do,” Dr Chimedza said.

“What we probably need to do is to give the professionals the environment to do their work, the tools of the trade, and to support them in whichever way we can.”

Dr Chimedza said Government would, with its little resources, continue to ensure that the environment was enabling for the professionals to effectively use their skills.

“We have Zimbabweans across the world who are doing big things in Canada, United States or Great Britain, but it is another thing when we do things here and especially at Harare Hospital,” he said. “It is commendable that we are doing things here.”

One of the paediatric surgeons who took part in the critical surgical separation, Dr Bothwell Mbuvayesango, attributed the success of the procedure to teamwork.

“We needed everybody for us to be able to separate the babies properly,” he said. “We also needed a lot of planning because it is not an everyday occurrence, there are very few incidents in the world where siamese twins are separated.

“This was an all inclusive Zimbabwean team of doctors. We did not get any help from any other doctors from outside the country and the success is because we managed to plan and work together.”

Dr Mbuvayesango said the twins were separated on Tuesday last week and their condition “is being monitored closely.”

“They are doing very well, they are feeding, they are breathing on their own, they are happy and they look strong,” he said. “We still have them in the hospital for a little while just waiting for their wounds to heal.”

Kupakwashe and Tapiwanashe, now weighing 4,4kgs and 3,4ks respectively, could be seen twirling their feet and fingers from their separate incubators, while their 25-year old mother sat with a watchful eye on them.

The twin’s father Mr Moses Chitigo, a fruit and vegetable vendor in Murehwa, said the success of the procedure was a relief to his family. The President Rober Mugabe was shocked that Zimbabwean doctors would be able to accomplish such a feat. One thing is for sure, we have great talented doctors in our nation. It is a pity that the infrastructure and working environment is not in the best condition. Many thanks to the great team, for having a vision and succesfully seeing it through.

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Zimbabwe Passport out in Seven weeks

June 28, 2014 Leave a comment

Just received a text message saying my passport is out. I suppose to those who obtain passports easily, this is nothing to write about, but with my experience getting a Zimbabwean passport in the past, I say this is a major victory.

There is now no need to go to the passport office every few weeks to check. They have improved their system, by sending out text messages to inform you that your passport is out. I guess this also builds to the efficiency, no need to deal with hundreds of people inquiring about their passports every day.

When they told me that my passport was going to be out in six weeks, I just sighed and nodded. Being the cautious person I am, I had applied for a passport almost a year early, so that there would be no need for emergency expensive applications. It was a week later than promised, but I’m not counting the weeks. What is a week between friends. Looking from where we’ve come from this is a great great improvement.

I will say that the process has improved greatly. It is worlds apart from 2008 when you needed to ‘beg to apply’ to get a passport. For those who never experienced this, in 2008, hundreds if not thousands of people woke early with application letters in hand, to apply for passports. The letters were collected and then screened! Those with compelling reasons why they needed passports were then given forms. People went for weeks, changing stories everyday, till they got one that hit! At least that is no longer the case. Everyone is entitled to having a passport and there is no need to know what they want to do with it.

Well done to the Department of Registrations! Please keep up the good work and continue improving your system.

Passport Submitted on the 8th of May 2014
Passport out on 27 June 2014, almost seven weeks after submission.

I am sure the emergency passports are also efficient. Mine was a regular $50 application.

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