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Is buying and selling pirated goods illegal

As sales of pirated goods go down in the Europe, Africa continues to be a prime destination for pirated goods. In Harare it is possible to by a single DVD with anything from one to a hundred movies and I am sure it possible to get more movies on a single DVD. A CD is sold for 50c on the street yet the same CD costs $8 in a shop. What a shame that so much money is spent on making these movies and Cd’s, yet there is no reward or profit for those who have worked so hard and spent so much.

Arguably, it is expensive to buy original music, videos and software but the price we pay for purchasing pirated goods is a lot more than we can imagine. 1kg of pirated DVD’s are worth more than 1kg of dope. Shocking, to say the least. Buying pirated goods is about the same as buying drugs. The money from pirated goods sales goes to big cartels that commit hideous crimes. By buying pirated goods we actually fund of organized crime in the underworld.

I understand that most people sell such merchandise because they are simply trying to survive. These same people  often say, “At least I am making an honest living and not stealing.” In actual fact, it is the same as stealing, it is the same as walking into Virgin on Oxford Street and stuffing ten DVD’s into your bag and walking out. It is not the same as selling vegetables or shoes at the market, it is illegal and risky business, with the possibility of arrests, confiscation of goods, fines and penalties.

It will take a long time for people to appreciate the concept of walking into a shop and buying original music, books movies and software but we need to begin to work at getting there.  Piracy impacts directly on the artists lives and is very unfair to them. If we want to develop our own music and media industry, we need to begin to take things like piracy seriously, after all it is illegal.When something is wrong it is wrong, if it is illegal, it is illegal.


When doing business, stay on the right side of the law.

Do business with integrity

Sell good quality goods

Find creative ways to making money.

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