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One Goal- I hope Zimbabweans will benefit

One of my mentors once said to me, “If you want to succeed, find ONE GOAL to pursue each year and get on with it. Do this every year and you will be successful”.  I believe that EDUCATION FOR ALL is one of the legacies of the World Cup. If we can take anything with us after the World Cup, let it be Education for all.

I come from Zimbabwe, a country with the second highest literacy rates in Africa. The reality today is that the harsh economic climate  is resulting in many children having to drop out of school. The AIDS pandemic has made this situation worse as many AIDS orphans end up dropping out of school. In a few years we may find that literacy has dropped as a result of the economic situation.


What saddens me is that I am almost sure that the results of ONE GOAL will not be seen in Zimbabwe. Somehow politics has blocked the doors to such campaigns. Campaigns come and go, and Zimbabwe is side stepped, because its political profile does not suit others. I will not play the blame game, but ordinary Zimbabweans suffer as a result.

In the 80’s after independance, Education For All was the slogan. Every child got a chance to go to school, even if it was in torn uniforms and no shoes. At least they got the chance.  Today, teachers are paid low salaries and now charge each child an extra US$5 a week/month depending on the area. Think of the unemployed father with four children. How will his children go to school.  Teachers need to survive, yes but education is now getting out of the reach of many.

I hope to see a Zimbabwe where children can go to school for free, get free meals and get a chance to succeed in life.

I hope to see a Zimbabwe where our teachers are valued and paid decent salaries.

ONE GOAL. I hope that ordinary Zimbabweans can benefit too.

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