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The vendors story

Joe a Zimbabwean national moved to Johannesburg, /Egoli, the City of Gold, to ‘look for gold’. Unable to find a job and to support himself, he began selling various goods by traffic lights. Each day that  he stood by the lights to sell his goods, he was arrested by the police for not having a license. He didn’t have the money required to purchase the license. A few hundred Rands was stopping him from earning a living. Determined, Joe found someone with a license and began paying a monthly fee to use their license. Now he was in business, but was sharing his profits with the license holder. He needed his own license.  

 His big break came one morning while having a conversation with a customer. She was curious to know how much he was making. The license issue came up and the lady offered him a deal. If he would agree to pay back the money she would lend him the money. He would pay her R50 every week until he finished paying the debt. Faithfully, he paid his R50 and after one month, his debt was cancelled and was now a license holder.

 After receiving his license, he began hiring it out to others who pay him monthly fees. With this money, he saved up and bought himself a car. He now has a booming business has managed to get himself out of poverty. I am sure he made a killing over the world cup selling flags and World Cup paraphernalia.

There is hope for us all!

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