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Lead SA- Lead Zimbabwe?

South Africa has launched an initiative called LeadSA that has got me thinking. If we as Zimbabweans had done something like this for our country we may have been able to make a difference in our country. I am listening to talk radio 702 and listening to South Africans who have chosen to stay in South Africa and make a difference. These people are passionate about their country and are willing to do their bit for their country. This is what Zimbabwe needs, for people to do what they can to make a difference. There is so much going on in South Africa encourgaing people to make a difference, stop corruption, bring accountability and to make a difference.

I have seen Zimbabweans become internally focused and calloused. Most people are only concerned with getting by and beating the Jone’s. Maybe if we looked outside and looked at how we could do somethings bigger than ourselves we can make a difference. I would be prepared to support similar initiative to Lead Zimbabwe. The only thing is I don’t see a commitment from Zimbabweans to want to change Zimbabwe. Like the West everyone is taking a ‘Wait and see stance’. As Zimbabweans, we cannot stand by and allow things to deteriorate further. I am not talking about politics, I am talking about making a difference and TAKING RESPONSIBILITY for Zimbabwe.

The question in my mind is if Zimbabweans take responsibilty, can we not change our nation? I believe that it is in our power to to change ourselves and our country.

“LeadSA. Our country has just finished hosting the biggest sporting event in the world and if there’s one thing that stood out, it was our Ubuntu, our warmth and our leadership. The question on our minds is how to keep growing that spirit of unity and respect for one another. Lead SA is an initiative that aims to remind us that it is in our power to change ourselves and our country, that we all have the ability to lead. It’s up to you to Stand Up for South Africa and our future.”

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