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Fill shops with proudly Zimbabwean goods

Shopping in Zimbabwe is no longer as daunting as it was a fewnyearsnago. Shops are now well stocked and it possible to find almost everything you need right here in zimbabwe. Gone are the days when cross border buses were full of groceries. There was a time when people bought bread in South africa and instead of buying perfume in the duty free shop, people bought bread in the nearest supermarket. It was quite funny to see the overhead cabins all full of BREAD! Zimbabwe still relies mainly on imported goods because local firms do not have the capacity to meet demand. This is an improvement from 20c08 when shops were empty, but we need to start filling shops with Zimbabwean goods. Gideon Gono, the governor of the reserve bank urged government to “Promote production by the local industry and avoid de-industrialization through over reliance on imports of finished goods”.

I visit Lesotho quite often and one thing that strikes me each time I go there, is Lesotho consumes South African goods. It is merely an extension of South Africa. Supermarkets are South African, banks are South African. Even fruit and vegetables are imported from South Africa. In my opinion, the capital city of Lesotho is Bloemfontein. The Lesotho population, cross the border into South Africa and go to Bloemfontein to do their shopping,  go for a night on the town, attend university and all other things. They work in Lesotho and spend their money in South Africa!

I was at Beitbridge a month ago and met a young nurse. I asked her why there were so many people at the border that day. She said it was pay day in Zimbabwe and people were going to do their shopping. She had orders for takeaways from people, who wanted burgers from Wimpy! They preferred a cold South African Wimpy burger (which to me is nothing to write home about) than a hot Zimbabwean wimpy burger made with real beef.

South African, Mozambique and Botswana industries have benefited from increased demand as Zimbabweans purchased their goods. This can be seen in the thriving business and growth experienced by border towns. It is time to rebuild our industries and keep our money in Zimbabwe.

  • Industry needs to charge competitive prices so that people don’t have to cross the border for cheaper goods.
  • Government needs to support and promote Zimbabwean industry
  • Every Zimbabwean should support and promote local goods.

We shall soon fill shops with Zimbabwean goods. As finance slowly trickles into Zimbabwe, industy shall slowly recover. I do like the fact that new entrants have been given an opportunity to enter the market. The economy will not recover over night, but slowly, as capacity grows, Zimbabwean products will once again lead in sales.

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  1. e.banda
    August 2, 2012 at 1:28 pm

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