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Carpe Diem #2

Zimbabwe has to be the land of opportunities at the moment. I believe that the biggest opportunities are in manufacturing and production. I know the mining industry is growing, but there are a few barriers to entry there, so in my view manufacturing is top. At the moment, we are selling unfinished products. We  send raw materials out and buy back the finished goods for more. This is quite evident in the mining sector.

 One has to go around Harare and see the empty factories and warehouses to see the kind of opportunities. Those companies that are still in existence  are operating under capacity mostly due to a lack of finance. Most companies are operating at minimum capacity waiting for a cash injection.

This is the time to enter the market and establish your brand. I have been watching a product called ‘Mamas’. I am not quite sure who produces it, but they make peanut butter and other stuff. At the beginning of the year, they seemed to make only peanut butter. As the year has progressed Mamas now makes jam and all sorts of food products. This kind of thing has been happening in every sphere; businesses are starting, rising and getting into the mainstream of business.

I have written quite a bit about Chinese products. The Chinese products sold in Zimbabwe are substandard. I am sure Zimbabwe gets the rejects, I am sure when Zimbabwean buyers go to China, they look at the price and not the quality. Good products are those that are priced fairly and are quality. If Zimbabwean products can compete on price, then there is room for growth in the market. To compete successfully, we need to keep our costs low and the wage bill is usually what pushes costs up. By maintaining competitive salaries and lying of the brand new cars, we can compete with imports.

It will be harder to get into the market when the big guns get in. A few people have said, If Zimbabweans dont want to invest in their country, then the Osuth Africans will invest. Lets get in at the beginning. South African’s are moving into Zimbabwe. By the time we realise that we had opportunity it will be too late.

If Zimbabweans dont want to invest in their country, then the South Africans will invest!

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