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Don’t take youself too seriously

One thing I continue to realize is how seriously we take ourselves. I am thinking that maybe we think too much and we take life a little too seriously. Maybe if we were to loosen up a little bit we wouldn’t be frightened to take advantage of opportunities that came our way. Maybe failing wouldn’t be so painful if we weren’t taking ourselves too seriously. This does not mean that failing should be our goal, but  at times, the fear of failure stops us from doing things we would like to do.

It has been said that you have get bankrupt at least three times before you become a ‘real millionaire’. After the third time you’ve learnt a lot and are ready to make real money. I am sure by the time you failed three time, you are grounded, don’t take yourself too seriously and are a more well rounded business person.

I can count the number of times I have missed out on great opportunities that were staring at me in the face because I was hoping to be the next Einstein. I was looking for the next big thing that would wow everyone. Maybe if I just tried to bake the best shortbread biscuits, I could come up with a million dollar idea. I spent too much of my life taking myself too seriously, and lost myself while I was at it.

Maybe we need to find a balance between being stiff necked and frivolous. Maybe that way we can develop innovative idea. I think we try too hard. Maybe if we let go and weigh every option wisely we can feel the fear and still go on, knowing that if we fail, its better to fall seven time and get up than to always wonder what would have happened if I had tried.

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