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From £10 to Billionaire

After dropping out of medical school due to a lack of funds, Anton Rupert earned a chemistry degree at the University of Pretoria, where he also lectured for a short while. From humble beginnings as a chemistry lecturer, manufacturing cigarettes in his garage, the late Anton Rupert built the tobacco and industrial conglomerate Rembrandt. He started his business with £10 in 1941 and had  1.5 billion in assets at the time of his death. Internet encyclopaedia Wikipedia says the Rupert business empire encompasses hundreds of companies located in 35 countries on six continents, with combined yearly net sales in the region of US$10bn.

Colonel Sanders started at 65! Whats to stop you?

We hear of these stories everyday. During his early years Harland Sanders worked many jobs, including steamboat pilot, insurance salesman, railroad fireman and farmer. At the age of 65 he took US$165 and built what we know today as KFC. Larry Page and Sergey Brin of Google started goggle while doing their PhD’s and the company is now worth billions.
Someone once said, if you don’t have university degree, you may just end up like Bill Gates. Bill Gates has topped the Forbes 400 Richest Americans list for 17 years in a row. Many successful people have started of from humble beginning working on their kitchen tables or waiting on tables. It is not about where you start, it’s about where you end. Many of us despise the ten dollar bill in our purses, when the likes of Rupert build billions out of that ten dollar note.

If you don’t have university degree, you may just end up like Bill Gates.

Attitude and perception are key components to success. While some are waiting to win the lottery, others are using their ten dollar bills to build empires. Business is not about having huge start up money, it is about making every cent work. Many Africans may feel that we have been disadvantaged and that we do not have a chance to succeed, but the Rich Lists are a testimony that the man on the street can make it. Self made African Billionaires have made it onto the Rich Lists. They started of without much but were able to see the possibilities out there. I just love the fact that Patrice Motsepe started his business doing mine scut work and has made billions since. Aton Rupert and Patrice Motsepe have shown us that Africans can go from rags to riches. Anything is possible if you believe.

Business is about making every cent work!!

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