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Diamond Boy- On his way to making a million dollars

After taking second place in the Big Brother Africa All Stars television reality show, Munyaradzi Chidzonga is now well on his way to making his first Big Brother Africa million. Munya as he is affectionately known came back home to Zimbabwe to receive a whooping US$300 000 from a consortium of local business people. So while the Nigerian winner Uti is happy with his US$200 000, Chidzonga is ecstatic with the US$300 000-plus “gift”. As we speak, more money is being put into his account by well-wishers. Word is the amount targeted is US$600 000.

While on the show he called himself the Diamond Boy, a move that has now opened up the role of a diamond ambassador for Surat Rough Diamonds Sourcing Company. He was presented with a US$20 000 diamond ring as part of the honor of representing the company. “I can’t describe the feeling at the moment. I didn’t expect that such a thing would happen to me. Well, I will do my best in ensuring that I conduct myself professionally in this role I have been given,” Munya said.
My initial response to the Munya phenomenon was one of disgust, raise money for Munya while others are eating baboons in Zimbabwe. It is sad that we can unite to raise money for someone we feel has been wronged by the big Brother voting system while we can watch while our fellow countrymen die of hunger. Well, I have finally come to terms with all this and was looking to see the good side of all this.

Some of the good I see in this:

  • Munya raised the flag of Zimbabwe and was very patriotic, showing Africa and the world a different side of Zimbabwe. To those who have wondered about the make up of the average Zimbabwean, Munya was a good prototype.
  • He showed other Zimbabweans that being Zimbabwe and African is nothing to be frowned at or to be ashamed of.
  • •He has shown other Zimbabweans that education is just a foundation for your life. One does not have to have a PhD to succeed in life. I hope that parents will support their children in pursuing their dreams, talents and gifts.
  • We need to nurture gifts that are outside of academia. We should pay attention to entrepreneurship, sport, arts, music and fashion and get our young people involved in these areas. We cannot be an academic nation only, we need to be balanced, most millionaires did not follow the academic route The google guys made their money before completing their PhD’s. Munya’s three months on TV has raised the profile of Zimbabwe in Africa and around the world.
  • Good publicity for his movie Lobola to be released in November. Maybe Zimbabwe will have a box office hit sometime soon.
  • Athletes and sporting teams get rewards for succeeding, let Munya be rewarded too.
  • Better to use our own Zimbabwean Diamond Boy to promote our Zimbabwean diamonds.
  • He has done us a lot more good than the likes of Makosi(Big Brother UK) and Gamu(X-Factor, UK), who didn’t have much to say or even had nasty things to say about our lovely country.

Well done Munya.I say, give him the money.

Results the poll show that about 53% of voters thought the money should go to a better cause while about 33% thought he should get the money. The rest were not sure.

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