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Climb the success ladder

“Success is like a ladder and no-one has ever climbed a ladder with his hands in his pockets.” Ziglar

We often look at successful people and think they were lucky, they grew up in the right neighborhood, had the right connections and so on. We don’t usually think there was a lot of blood sweat and tears involved. We look at the end result and aspire to reach those same heights. What we fail to realize is that if we want to achieve the same level of success we shall have to pay a price to get to that place. It may be a lot of sleepless nights, time away from the family, years of investing your own money and going for months without pay. No- one can climb a ladder with their hands in their pockets.

The first step of launching your business is entering and penetrating the market. This can involve a lot of hard work, time and effort. The market may not respond as quickly as you anticipate. Launching a product often involves large promotional budgets, free samples, road shows, advertising and publicity to get the attention of the consumers. You need to convince them that they need what you have to offer. You may also need to convince them that your product is better than the one they have used for the last twenty years. Unfortunately good products and services often meet with great resistance. Having a great product or service does not guarantee instant success. The people can resist your revolutionary idea.  It may take a long time to get the buy in of the consumers, but a good product is worth  going the extra mile until it penetrates. You may have to fold your sleeves and get down to some serious work, take a smaller salary for a longer while.

When the Wright brothers were experimenting with their first planes no-one took them seriously, in fact they thought that flying would never really take to the skies. The powers that be thought it was a fad that would soon go away. When several investors were approached about facebook, they through it would never work, they did not anticipate the impact that social networking was going to have on communication, society and business. The market and investors may not appreciate your product, but at times it takes a gut instinct to know that you are onto a winner. Even offering free services may not get a positive reception, look at ARV medication for AIDs, they faced so much resistance due to the stigma attached to AIDs. Some Christian sects in Africa do not believe in immunization and thousands of children die every year from treatable diseases, yet medication is free.  

To your business going, we need to get things going, get your hands out of your pockets and get down to some real work.

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