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Dispelling some sales myths

Regardless of the thoroughness of your market research, how great your product is, if you don’t sell you don’t have a business. John Fenton puts it clearly, “Production minus sales equals scrap. ” The best product on a shelf is not worth much. A great product is not worth anything as long as the consumer doesn’t know it’s there and doesn’t know that it can help them.

Below we dispel some sales myths

Sales people are born: True We all are. Some people are almost natural sales people where as others may struggle. However all of us can learn to sell just like many of us can learn to sing. In both cases, training helps to sharpen our skills and improve our sales ability. Practice also helps, the more time you sell, the more confident you become, making you an even better sales person.

The gift of the gab is required to get people to buy. False You cannot force anyone to buy anything they don’t want. They need to be convinced that your product will fulfill a need that they have. Most consumers have been ‘sold’ to and have developed a tough skin and it is often better to develop a connection with the customer. Listening is just as important as talking. Talking above the customer will get them irate and will probably not buy from you.

Shy people never succeed in the sales world. False A sales person has to be genuinely interested in his customers. Shy people can be perceived as being more sincere, more thoughtful and less brash than their louder counterparts.

 Good sales people tell what they have to offer and take the order. False Good sales people find out what is wanted and show you how to get it.

Sales people carefully show why you need their product. False: Sales people show you how their product will fulfill a certain need or they can create a need for your product.

Good sales people can sell almost anything to anyone. False: You cannot sell anything to anyone unless they actually want what you have to offer. A client may have the desire to buy your product, but they also need to be able to pay for your product.

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