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Improving your sales

Have you ever stopped to wonder how you make your buying decisions and more importantly, how your customers make their buying decisions? Few customers lap up everything the sales person tells them and can’t wait to pay for their new product. Most buyers need a bit of convincing to get to the purchase decision. Naturally most buyers aren’t interested in buying anything, especially if they haven’t actually gone out to buy it. Very few businesses have a waiting list of buyers waiting for their products. Most of the times we have to show clients that they need our product and that they will benefit from spending their money on that product. Without the right sales skills, you may not get the sales that you need to get your business to the next level.

Think about the time you have gone shopping for a pair of black shoes. This seems easy enough. By the time you leave the mall, you have been in every shop, tried on so many pairs of shoes and maybe even went home without the pair of black shoes. In our minds we know what we want, we see several different options that seem good enough but we just cannot commit to buying, because maybe we’ll find the perfect pair in the next shop. It’s at times like this that we need a bit of help with making that decision. How many of us go to the mall and get home with a bag full of things that we had not planned on buying. I remember going grocery shopping and outside the supermarket a very good sales person with a microphone  was selling perfume. Buying perfume wasn’t on the shopping list or part of the shopping trip, but we left with a few bottles of perfume.

 A customer comes to the market to buy potatoes, as with all markets, prices are set and are almost fixed at a certain point. It is often unnecessary to walk around looking for a lower price, but customers don’t usually buy from the first stall they see. They walk  on, looking and comparing, he passes several stalls then randomly picks a stand. Is it a random pick or are there reasons why they pick that stand in particular. It may be interesting to notice that the guy with the loudest voice may not make the most money at the end of the day.

 Here are ten factors that make a sales person more successful:

  1. Enthusiasm: Always sound enthusiastic and excited about your product. The customer can hear this in your voice and see it in your posture. This gets them captivated and they are willing to listen to what you have to say.
  2. Ability to close the sale: This is the test of your sales ability, can you convert your interested clients into sales. If you cannot close a sale, you lose clients and your business is set for failure. Remember PRODUCTION – SALES = SCRAP
  3. Ability to handle objections: Most customers will have at least one objection, Handling objections effectively translates into sales.
  4. Product knowledge: The customers are definitely going to ask you about the product and you need to know it well. The better you know the product, the easier it is to sell and the easier it is for the customer to appreciate.
  5. Looks after the customer: Everyone wants to buy from someone who is interested in them. Use their name to address them, not just madam or sir, that is impersonal. Look after the needs of the customer and they will continue to buy from you.
  6. Good listener: Always repeat what they have said so as to communicate to them that you are listening. Make listening noises. No one likes to talk to someone who is not listening. By listening you can now address their concerns properly.
  7. Communicates well: Practicing your script is helpful and doing a real life run through helps. Have someone listen to you and comment on how you sound. Do not talk too fast and use terminology that the customer doesn’t understand. Remember communication is two ways, it is not just about you doing all the talking.
  8. Plans use of time well: The more potential customers you speak to the better it is for you so it is vital to use your time well and to plan you day. How many people do you want to see today, how many do you need to speak to each hour. It is better to get most of your sales done earlier on in the day while you are still fresh than to leave it for later because they may get you stressed out and the customer can sense any tension and pressure.
  9. Makes a good first impression: It has been found that the repair man gets a better welcome than the insurance or window salesman. Some companies dress their sales people in work suits and steel toe shoes for that reason. Dress appropriately and smile.
  10. Has better contacts: Adverts for sales people often require for a sales person to have an existing client base as this increases success. Always ask for people’s names and contact details, you never know when they will come in handy.
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