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Strive Masiyiwa- Africa’s Telecoms Baron

People are often interested in knowing what makes great men tick. We are featuring Zimbabwe’s own Masiyiwa. He was featured on the cover of Time magazine, so interest in Africa’s telecom baron reaches far and wide. Strive Masiyiwa fought in Zimbabwe’s highest court for the right to launch a mobile telecoms business Econet. He was contested by the state monopoly. That was in 1993, when he was just 32. Now, he says, nearly 70 per cent of Africans own a telephone – with a good proportion of them tapping into networks provided by Econet Wireless, the company he founded. Mr Masiyiwa studied at Cardiff university and came back to Zimbabwe to rebuild his nation. He worked for the nations telephone service provide, who would later contest him for the license. After eventually getting the license, Econet Wireless went on to become the biggest telecoms company in Zimbabwe. His company has branched of across Africa and has left a huge footprint as their company changes the lives of ordinary Africans.

Ten years ago 70% of the nation had never heard a phone ring, now more than 70% own phones. Ten years ago communicating with rural folk involved sending letters on bus, or having it delivered in person. You need to bear in mind that rural transportation has severe limitations and involves walking for hours to the nearest bus stop at an obscene hour. Now rural boys herd cattle and sheep while listening the latest beats, not on their radios, but on their phones. I recon that in a few years time, they will be on face book, chatting to other boys in the next villages. Facebooking has become popular as it is easy to communicate and stay in touch with friends and family members around the world.

Telecoms is growing at an alarming rate in Africa and Econet has enjoyed a fair share of this growth. It is assumed that US$500 million invested into Zimbabwe in 2010 was responsible for the 4.5% economic growth experienced by the country.

One man’s vision can change the course of an entire nation. With work across Africa one can understand why Mr Masiyiwa needs a private jet. You cannot do this amount of work while flying commercial.

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