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Corporate Social Responsibility discussed in depth

ACTION- Celebrate international Conference

VICTORY BUSINESS CONFERENCE 2011 presented in partnership with CEO Roundtable

BUSINESS SEMINAR/EXPO: Monday 23May-Tuesday 24 May. (Business Expo will run all week)

This is an invitation to champions of industry, professional, academics, leaders in government and transformation practitioners’ to come together and discuss transformational leaderships’ role in contributing to sustainable development and nation building. The objective of this conference is to share experiences and showcase transformation strategies in business, government and civic organisations, with a particular focus on Corporate Social Responsibility, (CSR) and how partnerships can be engaged between communities.

Purpose of Attending:

Roundtable and Panel discussions that will discuss our roles in addressing systematic poverty namely;

  1. Spiritual Poverty
  2. Emotional Poverty
  3. Motivational Poverty
  4. Financial Poverty
  • Face the challenge for business to move away from compliance and begin to contribute to leadership in nation building.
  • Opportunity to showcase and exhibit your personal, companies’ or organisations’ involvement in transforming society.
  • Raising greater public awareness of the partnership that the private, public and government sectors have in combating poverty.
  • Debating the incongruent relationship of high academic literacy VS high rates of poverty in Zimbabwe.
  • An exclusive advertising opportunity during the business conference and throughout 7 days of Action.
  • Taking part in the exhibitions will also give you an opportunity to win the Annual Victory Business Excellence Award.

An appeal is being made to Executives, Managers and interested parties to take part in this dynamic program. To be involved contact Dr Peter Chikumba on peterchikumba@gmail or Mr. George Mutendadzamera on g.mutendadzamera@delta.co.zw

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