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Redistributing wealth- the African Way

The purpose of Black Economic Empowerment BEE is to create employment and reduce poverty. In South Africa BEE has not empowered the ordinary black man. It has however lined the pockets of the wealthy and connected black elite. It is a shame that some elite people are earning millions through tenderprenuership (the likes of Julius Malema) while the majority languish in poverty in scanty shack settlements. Is that modern day democracy I wonder?
Zimbabwe is in the process of formulating and implementing its own version of BEE through indegenisation and it is set to take on the South African course. Although its purpose is to address the inequalities of the past, it is just creating a new class of powerful and wealthy people, thus further increasing the divide between rich and poor. The wealthy are lying in wait for the privatization of parastatals, while there is no hope for the poor man on the street of Budiriro, who cannot afford to purchase a single share. Most people are not in the market for a new investment opportunity. Many do not have a nest egg waiting for the next opportunity to invest yet this is the basis of the indegenisation policy, redistributing wealth through share transfer. Shares are not going to be handed over to random poor and disadvantaged people, but will be purchased by a group of elite and wealthy business people, who do not need a hand up to get into business. This is just another way of lining the pockets of the wealthy and influential.
I do not see how the poorest of the poor is set to benefit from all this. Maybe I am a little narrow minded, but we should learn from the South African experience. It doesn’t make sense to mirror a model that hasn’t worked. History is just repeating itself, another programme that will benefit a few while the majority continues to languish in poverty.
What the poor need are policies that work. We really need someone to champion the cause of the poor someone with a heart for the poor, who has committed themselves to serve the greater public and not just think of lining their fat pockets. The world doesn’t often need tonnes of legislation and policies to change something. It always starts with one person. It may be you; it may be the next person, but if we all did our part we could influence this generation positively.
“If you think it is foolish to think that a few people committed people working together can change the world you’ll be surprised that that is the only way it has ever been (CHANGED)” Margaret Meads
Technology getting the better of us
I went to a local clinic that had just introduced a computerized patient information system. It all seemed organized and I was quite impressed that technology was catching up in Zimbabwe. Unfortunately it took us the whole afternoon to get registered and I eventually wasn’t able to see the doctor. Apparently there was a glitch in the system and would have to return the following day. I did try to kick a fuss and requested for a manual entry, to no avail.

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