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China Town- Bargains galore

May 28, 2011 1 comment

Now I discovered something interesting, the Chinese are out in full force in Joburg and have made themselves a Chinese district, where they do business the Chinese way. China Town, Johannesburg is an awesome experience, you can shop in China without the barriers of the language. Customer service doesn’t exist, there are no hellos or thank you’s  here. There are no fancy malls, no fitting rooms, no window displays and beautiful mannequins, it just stuff hanging on walls. Obviously in true Chinese fashion, no returns are allowed. You just spot what you want and ask for the price. The response is usually “how many you want”. If you want one item, you pay double the price, if you want more than six items you pay half price. For instance if you want to buy a scarf you’d pay R35 for one or R120 for six, or a coat for R200 or R540 for six. This is great for flea market owners or if you want to buy stacks of clothes for yourself. The individual item prices are still cheaper than anywhere else. Where else would you find a pair of shoes for R20.

China mart is bit different. Here Chinese shop owners lounge around playing on their laptops waiting for customers to pass by, there is no urgency or hurry to sell anything. This is for a good reason, they sell a minimum of 200 items at a fraction of the retail price.

You can buy clothes, shoes, undies, bedding, wedding dresses, kitches utencils, electrical ware, furniture; in fact anything. Party goodies and even food.

I have to give it to the Chinese, containers full of products are delivered to their door and they pack the items in their shops. They do not go to Durban to pick up the stuff, they don’t go to China to select their goods, they just buy online and wait for delivery. As for how they manage to sell their merchandise for such low prices still beats me. I can understand that there are economies of scale, sweat shops and so on, but how do you sell a decent pair of pumps that has been shipped from China for R20, that is less than £2 for a pair of shoes and still make a profit!

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Lessons from Oprah

May 28, 2011 3 comments
  1. Don’t block your blessings.”
  2. We are responsible for our own lives. It doesn’t matter what your mama did. It doesn’t matter what your dad did
  3. All the efforts that go into hurting others, hurts you too. Forgive and move on. Unforgiveness drains you.
  4. Always listen to your inner voice. When something doesn’t feel right, and you get that sense — that “whisper”– be sure to listen to it. Whether it be a feeling about someone lying to you, or a sense that you are not on the path that you need to be on, Oprah encouraged all of us to trust the wisdom within ourselves.
  5. All pain is the same. We all have our issues, they may be different but at the end of the day, all pain is the same.
  6. Watching you be yourself makes me want to be more of myself.”
  7. The Imago Theory. You draw people into your life to either heal or re-enact old wounds. It’s why we marry men just like our fathers or act like our mothers.
  8. When people show you who they are, believe them. No point in hoping people will change. Believe them when they show you who they are.
  9. Teach people how to treat you. People do what they can get away with. If you allow people to walk all over you, they will walk all over you. Its ok to stand up for yourself.
  10.  Respect yourself. Love and respect yourself and others will respond by respecting you as well.

 adapted from salt and nectar

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