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Transport- the Ultimate enabler

There can be no meaningful development without sustainable development of the transport sector. Physical isolation is a major contributor to poverty. More than 70% of Zimbabwe’s population live in rural areas and depend on agriculture for their sustenance. Transporting goods to markets consumes a good proportion of disposable income. Many villagers live more than 8 kilometers to the closest road where they get the bus to the market. Buses often run at ungodly hours of the day, some departing at midnight and in the early hours of the morning. Catching a bus at an ungodly hour is the only way to get produce to markets.
In cities transport is still vital for the survival of people. Most city dwellers sell in markets or do some form of buying and selling. This also requires dependable and affordable transport to do their work.
Challenges of transport systems in Africa:
• Fuel is expensive and in short supply and most cars are off the road.
• Public transport is expensive, most have to walk.
• Maintenance of cars and infrastructure costly and has been neglected.

All these facts hinder the development of our communities. Without suitable and sustainable transport it is almost impossible to break the cycle of poverty. It is necessary to resolve these issues if transport system is to be efficient. Providing good accessible transport is a key step into breaking the cycle of poverty. One means of resolving transport woes in Africa, is by using non motorized transport. This is any mode of transport that does not use a motor, a motor being a machine that causes motion. Although non motorised transport does not have the same self esteem benefits provided by motorised transport such as cars, it is effective, doesn’t require fuel, is inexpensive and doesn’t require huge cash injections. Politicians however favour motorised transport because of its self esteem benefits, but this mode of transport only benefits a small percentage of people. If we provide accessible transport, we can successfully break the cycle of poverty by serving the majority of the population.

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