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Farewell Mama Sisulu

South Africa is mourning the passing of a great woman. Mama Sisulu passed away last week in her home in Orlando. This was certainly a life well lived. Mama Sisulu was undoubtedly one of the most accomplished and courageous women leaders to champion the struggle against apartheid. Sisulu played a pivotal role during the apartheid era and was the first woman held under the vicious 90-day detention order.

As the patron of the Micro Mba, we shall miss her dearly. She urged all employers in South Africa to join the battle against unemployment and wholeheartedly recommend the Micro-MBA saying “It is an amazing programme, which transforms the lives of people. It gives them hope and a ladder of opportunity so that they can climb out of the unemployment pit.”
There are great lessons to be gleaned from the wonderful life of Mama Sisulu. They relate to identity, vocation, nation building and building a family. The world needs more mama Sisulu’s, who will do their bit in the face of opposition. Today as a Zimbabwean I can enjoy the freedom of South Africa because of the sacrifices made by great heroes such as mama Sisulu.

A tribute from the Mandela family called on “those of us remaining behind to heed the greatest lesson from her life: namely dedication, sincerity, humility and deep love for people, especially the poor”.

‘Each generation goes further than the generation preceding it because it stands on the shoulders of that generation.’ Ronald Reagan. It is up to us to take this generation further; we have had strong and wide shoulders to stand on. May we explore the potential that we have inside us and may we have the courage to stand in the face of obstacles and stand up for what we believe is right.

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