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How to turn your dreams into millions!!!

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The Jews believe that to become a real, tried and tested millionaire you need to go bankrupt at least twice. Once you can reinvent yourself, you are certainly a millionaire for the long haul. In his book tycoon, Peter Jones says, ‘With the right application anyone can develop the qualities necessary to succeed in business, especially when they adopt a certain mindset and a set of golden rules.’

With the necessary support, anyone can do anything. Athletes are trained by experienced coaches who encourage and push them to achieve better. Artists, musicians and sportsmen have to persevere to achieve their goals. All of them will tell you about how they visualized success, ‘what it would feel like to win the award or medal, they actually feel the emotions, how they would walk to receive he award, and the speech they would say!’ They can literally feel the success and this makes them want to achieve it. Most of us do not do this when it comes to our dreams. We do not visualize success and so success becomes illusive. To become a tycoon you need a vision, staying power and the ability to execute, turn your idea into a reality.

‘Tycoons have the capacity to influence others through inspiration motivated by a passion, generated by a vision, produced by a conviction, ignited by a purpose’.

Peter Jones’ Ten Golden Rules

1. Have a vision– the clearer your vision is the better it is. Dream big and imagine your vision has already happened.

2. Use your influence– Inspire others to act, do not manipulate or brainwash people into acting. Value others and inspire them to work. You will interact with people for your business to succeed and they should be inspired to achieve more, buy more or supply better quality.

3. Build your confidence– You need to be able to motivate yourself and be self confident. Work on building your confidence, attend toastmasters, prepare before pitches, power dress and learn as much as you can.

4. Make a commitment– You may have to sacrifice a lot e.g. your time, money, social and family time. Always follow through on agreements. Let your Yes be a Yes! Integrity

5. Take action– Great businesses don’t build themselves. Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today!

6. Aim for results- Quantify results and set realistic goals. When your goals are SMART, Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time orientated it is easy to measure your success.

7. Get your timing right: Entering a market, launching a new product and launching an advertising campaign are all time related and it is critical to get the timing right. Do your homework.

8. Persevere– Nothing good comes easy. Remember you may not breakeven in your first month of operation. You may make mistakes. Learn from all experiences and DON’T GIVE UP!

9. Be caring– You business depends on people. People don’t care about how much you make, people care about how much you care!! Treat people well.

10. Use your intuition-Learn to follow your guts. Your intuition may save you.

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    You’ve got great insights about Build your confidence: Prepare yourself for success, keep up the good work!

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