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No Ipad in Zimbabwe- Zimbabwe in a time warp

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Technology is moving at a rate that is really incredible. I’m not a technophobe by any chance, but I’m getting a bit overwhelmed. My friend and I have been refusing to do facebook and twitter via the phone, coz hey, when do you rest? I’m still resisting the urge, but I am tempted to get a blackberry because of the free internet access option. Maybe I’d start tweeting more often if I did, that would be a good thing, maybe?

I’m reading about the advances of technology and how computers are becoming obsolete. Gees, there is nothing like a keyboard and actually typing a document. I’m holding onto my laptop for dear life. I hate using phones, they are fiddly, you have scroll up and down just to read one article. Imagine typing an article on a tablet. I suppose the Ipad is a lot larger, and hopefully better to use than a tablet. I like the fact that it weighs less than a laptop, so I guess it will grow on me.

I guess in ten years time our computers will look like those type writers from the 70’s. Think about a computer screen that isn’t flat. What is scary for me is what about Zimbabwe, which is sitting in a time warp and it’s stuck in the 80’s. Government offices don’t have computers. Everything is still manual. Well mobile phones are everywhere now, even in the rural areas but network coverage is not as good yet. NetOne (Zimbabwe’s mobile Phone provider)seems to be going backwards instead of forwards. Most of the time there is no network on NetOne. When I last went shopping around in Zimbabwe I couldn’t find an Ipad 1. Even if they sold them, they would be so highly priced it is shocking.

I can see that people MAY have tablets in about five year’s time. Thanks be to the Chinese, they will definitely be introducing some copy cats that will be affordable to the masses. The question is, even if people buy tablets and androids, what about internet access. Hopefully the prices will have gone down by then.  How about actually knowing how to use the phone? You need to see a granny screaming into the phone to understand what I mean. I saw a lady who would put her phone on her mouth and shout on top of her voice and then put the phone on her ear to listen and then back onto her mouth to shout an answer. Can this person eventually learn how to use the internet on the phone? Gees, I don’t’ have the answers, maybe technology will never get to the rural areas, maybe it will take a while, maybe a miracle will happen.

I’m thinking some rural schools have never seen a computer before, now the computer is becoming obsolete. I guess in the same way that they never saw the type writers. laptops, cd players and so on is the same way, they’ll never see the computer. Scary! Mind you I’m just talking about laying eyes on a computer and not about being able to use one. Some people have never seen one!!! Maybe they’ll see them in the museums.  Actually, I’m sure the world is going to dump their computers in Africa so maybe the rural folk will get to see and maybe use them. I’m sure tit will take another twenty or so years for Africa to catch up, if we ever do.

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