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Get clear on your dreams-visualise your goals

Lifestyle programs and reality television have an ability to take you into another world. My little nephew loves watching cribs and the BBC Lifestyle. He’s only eleven, but when he watches those programs he goes into another world. He can see himself living in that house and eating all that food!

It reminds of being about eight and wishing I would win Willie Wonka’s ticket to go to his chocolate factory. As I read the book, I could almost taste that chocolate. I could see myself in that factory, eating all that chocolate, and I mean all of it. The only problem was that it was not real, there was no competition, there was no chocolate factory, it was all fantasy, a book!! Boo!!! After the release of the movie, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory , I dragged myself to the movies, after work, maybe about 9pm and sat in an empty theatre with my popcorn and jelly babies and fell slept throughout the whole movie. That isn’t to say it wasn’t a good movie, I was just tired after a day at work. Another opportunity presented itself while visiting my in-laws. My nephew and I sat glued to the TV enjoying the movie when my father in law came and changed the channel!!! Boo once again!!!

Back to my nephew each time he watches cribs, he drools and imagines himself in one of these houses. His vision is clear; he WILL drive one of those cars and WILL live in a house like that. Who is to say dreams cannot come true? I think his will come true. Dreams can come true. It takes great determination and perseverance to get to the goal. That is why we advise aspiring entrepreneurs to write business plans and to put the vision down in black and white. There is so much power in the written word and the power of visualizing. If I can see my vision as clearly as I tasted the chocolate as I read through Charlie and the chocolate factory, I’ll be onto a winner. If you can see your vision as clearly as my nephew sees himself in that Porsche, you are onto a winner!

“Our attitudes control our lives. Attitudes are a secret power working twenty four hours a day, for good or bad!It is of paramount importance that we know how to harness and control this great force.”Tom Blandi

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