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Money gives you choices-a killer gives you two


Money has the ability to give you  choices, freedom and security. A killer gives you two choices. Pay up or die. You get to choose based on your far and how much money you have in the bank.  Being able to make choices is an amazing thing. Imagine the child on the streets of Soweto. They have no choices; they simply take what life throws at them. On the other hand the children on the leafy streets of Sandton, choose whether they want oats, wheatabix, bran flakes, corn flakes, frosties, muesli, or Chocó pops for breakfast. Do they want hot milk, cold milk or yoghurt with their cereal? Fruit or no fruit? With or without sugar?

The choices keep presenting themselves everywhere they go.

To have to have cereal or not to have cereal?

To eat in or to eat out?

To go to this school or to go to that one or ten other equally good ones?

To get this car or to get that car or en other equally good cars?

To get this phone or to get that phone or ten other equally good phones?

To go to this resort or to go to that resort or ten other equally nice holidays?

Today’s lives have too many choices. Think about he supermarket. Every buying decision presents hundreds of choices. Think about ordering a cup of tea and see how many options present themselves.

Cold drink or hot drink? Hot,Tea, coffee, cappuccino. Latte? Tea please, Roibos, Earl Grey,  Herbal Tea (10 different types),Indian tea, etc? Earl Grey, Black or white? White

These days they don’t usually ask you if it is with sugar or without because there all sorts of sugars and sweeteners that will come with the drink if they aren’t on the table already. Now Starbucks is on another level. I still do the, “the same, or whatever you’re having order, or whatever she just ordered order”. It gets complicated, ordering Starbucks is like Greek to me.

To the guy on the street, they don’t have such issues. They just take whatever they can afford, whatever has the lowest price. It would be good if everyone had choices in life and had a fair chance in life to succeed. They may not have the full range of cereal to choose from in the morning, but at least they would have some kind of breakfast and be able to go to school without any interruptions.  I’m tired of all the poverty around me. I want to see a rich Africa.

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  1. Jackie Paulson Author
    June 20, 2011 at 8:46 pm

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am in agreement on your statement to the fact that ” i am tired of seeing poverty all around me.” It’s like everywhere. I use to be financially independent, in 2007 I closed my barber shop business after 12 years b/c economy in that area was “depressed” already. Then went to college, after I raised my daughter she is now 17- anyhow…I depend on a man, which I am thankful, but I love to work. I would love to hear how you are doing with your new business. I am the one who can “have clipper will travel.” Thanks for all of your encouragement. Jackie

  2. July 14, 2011 at 8:06 pm

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