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Michelle Obama- A hit in South AFrica

Michelle Obama, official White House portrait.

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Obama has been received well by South Africans and has captivated them with her charm, elegance and down to earth attitude. The Americans may not be as thrilled about the visit, but Africa is certainly elated. Women around the continent are watching and learning. It is a truly inspirational visit. This is a trip that will change the perspective of many African women. There has been news about President Zuma snubbing Mrs. Obama, but hey, she met his wife Nompumelelo. Maybe the Zuma wives will pick up a thing or two from her.

Below are some highlights of her visit.

Nelson Mandela Foundation

Yesterday she toured the Nelson Mandela Foundation with Graca Machel, President Obama’s wife as her guide. Two great women- Michelle Obama and Graca Mandela meet.

Visit to former president Mandela

After leaving the foundation, she proceeded to make a brief courtesy call on former president Mandela. “a lovely woman without any airs”, said Achmat Dangor, the head of the foundation.

Zandspruit- Poetry reading

Michelle Obama and her two daughters treated a group of young South Africans to a spot of Dr Seuss’s Cat In The Hat poetry. The First Lady and Malia, 12, and 10-year-old Sasha took turns to read to the three- to six-year olds at a day centre in Zandspruit, a shanty town in Johannesburg.

Regina Mundi

Today she visited Regina Mundi a chapel in Soweto where she spoke to the mostly female group. Many commented after her visit that they were wowed by her YES YOU CAN speech.

Botswana on Friday

She heads for Botswana. Unfortunately she doesn’t head for Zimbabwe on Saturday.

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