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Fundraising Dinner Dance

The PBA fundraising campaign has been a long time coming. As with anything, timing is always important. There is so much need in Zimbabwe and many people need our services. There is a difference between being a manager and working under someone else in a company that was set up by someone else. When you are out there doing it by yourself, it is not so easy. Even if you were the best manager, the best sales person or the best mechanic, once you start running your own business, it is easy to realize that you do not have all the necessary skills to run a successful business. All business functions require special skills.

Skills are required:

  • To hire the correct employees, not just the one that looks pretty or have the gift of the gab.
  • To cost products and not to just randomly come up with a price.
  • To negotiate contracts.
  • Write tender documents.

The list goes on. PBA assists people to build and grow their businesses. University degrees don’t often teach you how to manage the day to day problems and challenges that you may face when going it alone. To reach the highest number of people we need money.  With so many businesses failing, more and more people are being left jobless and without an income.

We will be holding a fundraising DINNER DANCE and we hope to raise US2000 which will go towards training disadvantaged people. We are also hoping to get our first Micro Mba students through this fundraising. With so many businesses failing, our services are needed more and more.

Please support us. Details of the date and times and venue will be posted soon.

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