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Don’t quit your day job yet

Careers in today’s age are becoming more and more specialized. With more and more people pursuing advanced education, people are becoming more and more specialized. They learn more and more of less and less and become masters of a tiny little segment of the world. Once people get locked into their field, they set their minds there and continue to develop themselves in that area while becoming more and more out of touch with the outside world.

The result of this specialization is that employees do not often understand how business as a whole work. Most companies have departments that operate like silos, each department minding its own business. Lawyers know legal issues, accountants know accounting and financial issues, engineers know technical issues and so it goes on. The accounting people think the production people are wasting money, the production people think the accounts people are penny pinchers, the engineers think they are the brains of the business while the marketing people think the company would have collapsed if it wasn’t for their innovative marketing strategies and sales tactics. There is no interface between departments and as a result employees do not understand how the total business works. The result is that when employees start their own businesses their businesses fail within the first five years. Although they have had a good product a solid client base, they lack skills in other vital areas leading to the business going down.

Running a business is so much different from being an employee. To run a business overall knowledge is required and most people are only familiar with the area that they trained in. Even CEO’s do not often have the all round knowledge required to run a business because companies have experienced and qualified personnel for the various functions of the company.

An architect may find that after setting up a practice they now need to acquire marketing and sales skills in order to get customers, they also need to know how to manage their money. A welder may find that even though they produce good quality products and have a substantial market, they may lack skills in the area of stock control and pricing. A business can have a great service or product and fail to market properly or they can have a good market and fail to manage cash flow.

It is good to learn and master your trade, but do not limit yourself to a small area, open yourself up to other things outside of your area. Take a business course such as the Micro Mba, a sales course, a marketing course and don’t assume you know it all. In today’s world things are constantly changing it is important to stay ahead of  the changes so that your business can continue to grow. Learning and growing are invaluable in business and place you in a good place for growth.

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