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Global Social Entreprenuership Competition

You may be fortunate to submit a plan in the last 24 hours and actually win. Be ready in season and out of season.

The Global Business Center at the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business is seeking applications for the Global Social Entrepreneurship Competition (GSEC) from students around the world and across disciplines who seek to harness the power of commercial strategies to reduce poverty and affect positive social change in developing economies.

GSEC fosters the development of transformational and innovative student-generated business models that achieve poverty alleviation and empowerment of the poor. GSEC provides cross-cultural, transformational practical learning experiences for student participants to hone their business skills, expand their networks, and access new resources.

The Global Social Entrepreneurship Competition (GSEC) program begins in early November 2011 and culminates at GSEC Week, February 27 – March 2, 2012 in Seattle, WA, USA.

Through exposure to iconic global companies, a vibrant international development sector, leading research institutions, GSEC Week provides exclusive opportunities for semi-finalist teams to benefit from invaluable resources and expertise in the Seattle region. GSEC awards monetary prizes to the business ideas that demonstrate the most innovative solutions to problems of poverty and the best integration of financial and social returns on investment.

Participant and Business Plan eligibility

• GSEC is open to currently enrolled students, at any level of study, at any academic institution of higher education worldwide.

• Multidisciplinary teams highly encouraged.

• Plans may focus on any subject area/industry

• Plans must apply to low income, lower middle income, or upper middle income economies.

• Plans must quantify and clearly demonstrate the Social Return on Investment (SROI)

• Plans may demonstrate a triple (environmental) bottom-line

• Plans must provide a social impact assessment SEC business plans are evaluated on three criteria:

 (1) effect on the quality of life and poverty alleviation in one or more developing economies;

(2) financial sustainability;

 (3) feasibility of implementation.

GSEC business ideas must be the original idea of the GSEC applicant. GSEC business plans must be new, student-generated businesses. Plagiarism/copyright/intellectual property right violations will not be tolerated. Existing businesses are acceptable if they do not have outside private financing or annual/cumulative sales revenue


GSEC prizes are awarded to business plans that meet the GSEC judging criteria and demonstrate the best integration of financial and social returns on investment (SROI).

Prizes include one Grand Prize, one Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Prize, and one Global Health Prize. All prizes are mutually exclusive. GSEC Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Prize seeks to highlight business plans that harness the benefits of ICTs to improve the human condition GSEC Global Health Prize: SROI includes the social good of improved health, to be awarded to business plan that alleviates health disparities, improves the health of the poor, and promotes the capacity of a community to deal with health problems.

 Last date for submission of applications is November 9, 2011 For more information and details, you can visit this link. Source Link: http://www.fundsforngos.org/awards-and-prizes/gbc-university-washington-invites-unique-business-plans-aimed-reducing-poverty-students-worldwide-global-social-entrepreneurship-competition/#ixzz1d1rwWILj Copyright©FUNDSFORNGOS.ORG.

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