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Is there any hope for change?

The last decade has been challenging for people around the world. Zimbabwe has been hard hit because combined with the global recession the country was going through its own economic meltdown. Times have been especially tough all round and although people put on a brave face, there is a lot of disappointment going around. The normal man on the street has had dream after dream dashed and has lost all hope that things will change.

As we go around we meet these men and women whose lives have spiraled out of control. I met an engineer in Glen Norah last year. As we talked about his vision, he sadly shook his head and said nothing was going to change for him. He was an engineer, studied at the university of Zimbabwe, he lost his job and the recession and hasn’t been able to find work since. He has put up proposals to start his own business and his idea had been high jacked along the way. He now spends his days selling at a flea market in the township.

It is difficult for one in such a situation to remain positive years after the flame of the dream has been put out. All around there are people who rain on your parade and it is difficult to keep the flame alight. It is difficult to reach people in this condition and tell them that there is hope for a better future. Life has taught them that good things happen to other people and not to them. It would be unfair to blame them, they have been dealt a hard blow at every turn in their life. They were promised a life of comfort and the finer things in life because they have been to university, but all they have are unfulfilled dreams. They know it all, have been through it all and there is no light at the end of the tunnel. What hope can you tell them about. What they want is a real break and not just promises of a better life.

After being told all the lies in the book it is difficult to trust anyone. They have been promised all sorts of things that are supposed to give them the better life. Even the church has propagated such deceit and it is difficult to trust even a minister of the gospel. The damage done is irreparable because a crushed spirit is more lethal than broken bones. Bones recover but what does one do when all hope is gone and victory is lost.

  1. Don’t give up. The most important thing is to keep the fire going and not lose hope. Remember that every dog has its day. Today may be your day.
  2. Keep on trying. If one thing doesn’t work, try the next thing.
  3. Stay away from the party poopers. Look for a good support system that will encourage you when the times get tough.
  4. Run your own race and don’t get distracted by what others are doing. Look to others for inspiration, but don’t let their failures or successes pull you down. Your race is unique, run it your way.
  5. Don’t disqualify yourself before you have even begun. Take the chance, if it didn’t work for someone else it doesn’t mean that it won’t work for you.
  6. Don’t talk yourself out of an opportunity, it may actually work for you.
  7. Find something that cheers you up and gives you a lift when you are having a bad day.




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