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Freedom of expression and the Jacob Zuma Painting

Jacob Zuma, former vice president of South Africa.

Jacob Zuma, former vice president of South Africa. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There have been mixed views about the Jacob Zuma painting and the painting continues to make headlines in the news. I’m pretty sure that all radio stations have had listeners calling in and commenting about the painting. The views are mixed depending on the cultural background of the person commenting. My view is that art is usually bold and in your face and is often offensive. Unfortunately the state president of the Republic has been portrayed in a not so dignified manner. I will leave my comment there.

What I found interesting is that an artist can actually think, conceptualize and ponder over drawing such a piece. In Zimbabwe, you’d get arrested for even thinking of doing this. Can you imagine a painting of Mugabe with his shirt off? My brain cannot even allow me to think that far.  What I appreciate is the fact that someone can express themselves so creatively without getting beheaded. Interesting enough it was the Nazareth Baptist Church that called for the man’s head. When a society can express itself as boldly, it gives politicians and authority figures something to think about.

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