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Multiple Income Streams/Slashing

Harare second street, Zimbabwe

Harare second street, Zimbabwe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is a new term called slashes, these are people with multiple careers. The world as we know it has changed. While holding a full time job, some people decide to take on a hobby and passion and make some income out of it. Motivation for doing this is different, others are just doing what they love without quitting their day job, and some are looking for extra income. There are lots of different types of slashes, such as doctor/writer/social entrepreneur al rolled into one. From lawyer/chefs to mom/screenwriters and celebrity icons like Bono (see BusinessWeek.com, 4/24/07, “My Dinner with Bono”), rock star/humanitarian, slashes are appearing at all strata of society. Long gone are the days where people were limited to one career, managing a nine to five and going home after work to relax with the family. Lives are busier and more demanding, but it is still possible to combine a career with other side jobs and interests.

Zimbabweans have taken this to another level. The phenomenon is not called slashing; rather it is referred to as hassling, giving it a not so flattering title. I was at Harare Central Police Station on evening and I asked the officer where I could get airtime and she looked at me and smiled and said you are in the right place and sold me some air time. Who would have thought the officer was also an airtime vendor. Hats up to her, because her customers walk into her officer and she can make easy money without going out of her way.

To survive in an economy like Zimbabwe, one cannot wait for the paycheck for income. It is common knowledge that some companies run 40day months and it is impossible to predict when staff will be paid. Some companies don’t pay for months on end, and in the meantime worker are supposed to get to work, pay bills and eat. All things are possible in Zimbabwe. I have never heard of anyone who didn’t go to work because they had no money or hadn’t eaten. Zimbo’s always make a plan. This plan usually involves slashing or having multiple income streams. By selling tomatoes that he grows in his garden, a man pays his travel and a few bills. There are various ways of slashing and building multiple income streams. For those in full time employments, their customers are the very same people they work with.

I sell Angel lifestyle products, do events, all combined with my work with PBA/zimdev and anything my hands can find to do. This way, I build steady income without having to wait for contracts and payments of invoices. Its a busy life, but it is very fulfilling. With Angel Lifestyle, I give people an opportunity to get out of poverty by building their own business selling clothes, homeware, books etc. This is fulfilling and works well with the work we do at PBA/zimdev. In my spare time, I do events, some people like my cooking and I get to cook for groups. I prefer to do smaller groups, but I have done the occassional wedding.  

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