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Moving abroad- talk to expats who have moved before you

English: My Expat SARL.

English: My Expat SARL. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My work takes me to a lot of different places. Some that I like, some that I do not like so much. The life of an expat is not so simple. Those back home wish they were away like you, while you wish you were at home like them. We move for different reasons. Most people don’t really want to leave, but sometimes people find they can’t even afford to live in their ow country. I was reading about how some Americans have to leave the USA because they can’t afford the medical care there. Someone rightly said, if you’ve moved more than twice, you tend to call the last stop home, so home stops being the place where you were born, raised, or raised your family, it becomes the last stop, and you always ted to miss the comfort of the last stop.

I often think if I had better advice when I started globetrotting I would have been wiser ad may have been smarter. All the same we learn from our mistakes and are better for them.

Here are some forums that will help you if you want to move abroad. One of these blogs will direct you to a blog that will be useful for you. No need to reinvent the wheel or learn the hard way. Get information from people who have been where you are.

Expats Blog.com

Expat Mums Blog

 Blog Africaexpat Africa

 Transitions abroad






Africa Expat Wives Club

The Life of a British Expat in America

Matadors 20-awesome-expat-blogs

Top 25 Expat Mom Blogs – Circle of Moms

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