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Zimbabweans hilarious comments on social platforms

I sometimes delve into Zimbabwe online media were I find the most interesting stories and comments. I don’t know if what we have in Zimbabwe is journalism or just sensationalism or has journalism now become sensationalism. I am not sure. But at times journalists have got no intention to find out the truth and only print things that will sell papers and push their agenda. If there is a shred of truth, I suppose it would be ok, but often there is no truth in most of the reports. What actually interests me however are the comments that follow. I have to tell you that some very funny and witty commenters. I have listed some of my favourite comments. I hope that I will not be sued for defamation, but there are no names mentioned to protect both the innocent and the guilty.


  • So sorry you are irretrievably beyond dezanuisation!!!
  • This country has an economy?! Where is it?
  • But it shows a serious brain defect if he is not already lunatic.
  • You are a professional buffoon.
  • You xxx are  Senior Professional BUFFOON too. 
  • Let the presidents children learn outside Zimbabwe, surely do you want his children to learn with yours at Dzivaresekwa high School!
  • You are a bloody moron, psychophant, open your eyes and allow light to shine into your belligered mind.
  •  Iwe ndiwe ZikuBenzi , (You are a big fool!)
  • Go back to school and look for the meaning of the word “clash”. 
  • Ndipo paya patinozoti Fuza! (This is when we get to say FOOL!)
  • Our very own Open Zip Shut Mind politician….
  • At OI section at Chitungwiza Hospital they give each other ARV’s while we all wait in the queue outside. STAFF YAWANDISA INOTORA MAPIRITSI NO RESPECT. Too many staff members take ARV’s.
  • Very sick person deserves to drown in psychiatric sedatives locked up in a dungeon.
  • We are already an international soap opera and now this.
  • Really Zimbabwe is having this idiot as a minister?
  • This jerk is hell-bound to denigrate our motherland wherever his verbal diarrhoea gets the better of his mind. We have to do something!
  • Your lack of insight grieves my soul. soldiers and the police stay up all night so ingrates like you can sleep peacefully. without the peace and order they maintain, this country wouldn’t have an economy to talk about.

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