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The Zimbabwe Menace- Police on the Road

I have to say that the Zimbabwe police have become a menace on the Roads. I am one for traffic safety and any other safety for that matter, but hey, is it a crime to drive a car!!!! Getting stopped on the road after every five kilometres is normal on any journey. How much money should one have to pay all the SPOT Fines.

The crimes are so bizarre:

  • US20 for a missing reflector.
  • Mixing passengers and goods. No longer can you sit with your groceries in the back of a truck or minibus.
  • No license disc during the grace period, which apparently doesn’t exist.

I loath travelling in Zimbabwe. The police are nt there to protect us, they are now there to milk drivers. Combi’s now charge US1 a person, an increase to make up for the afines the police are making them pay.


Obviously cars that are not roadworthy should be off the streets, but fining drivers doesn’t get unsafe vehicles off the roads. If you wanted to steal a car, just pay the fines and bribe the cops and you are set.

I’d say rather non’t drive in Zimbabwe, even if you have a brand new car. If you do drive, make sure you have a fire extinguisher, I am not sure what kind of fire extinguisher, I recon anything in a red bottle will do.  Also make sure you have a reflector jacket and reflectors on the front and back of your vehicle. Even if you drive a foreign vehicle, you will get slapped with fines at every road block, which is about every ten kilometers on a bad day or bad road. By the way, the police don’t care that you have just been fined at the previous road block. I think you have to flash a government ID to drive without any hassles in Zimbabwe. I think this is an embarrassment for our law enforcers to set unrealistic targets on how to get money out of the people. Why not find ways of driving investors into the country and finding innovative ways of getting money into the government treasury. Shall we not rather find ways of building our export market instead of trying to get money for the skint locals. This is just terrible!

The police are just about as bad as the pot holes on the road. By the time your car has had it with the pot holes, your wallet will be empty after paying spot fines. By the way spot fines can only be paid there and then, you cannot pay after pay day or when you have the  money, you need to pay right there and then. what you need is  a gold mine where you just keep digging to pay the police.


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