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Zim Under Cyber Attack

STATE Security Minister Sydney Sekeramayi believes the country is under cyber attack and ill-equipped to deal with the problem due to lack of resources.

Responding to a question in the Senate recently, Sekeramayi said the country must be prepared in terms of its scientists and resources to put in place an elaborate system capable of both understanding cyber attacks and taking adequate measures to neutralise them with a view to eliminating damage to Zimbabwe’s infrastructure.

 Sydney Sekeramayi

Sydney Sekeramayi

“The process of the defence is not going to be an event but it is going to be a process and so that process is ongoing. Resources for now are a constraint, as we all know but policy measures are in place and once the resources are adequate we will, definitely, make sure that we are adequately equipped to be able to deal effectively in the national interest against cyber attacks,” he said.
The Minister was responding to a question from the Senator for Mutasa-Nyanga, Patrick Chitaka, who wanted to know whether the country was adequately prepared to defend itself against cyber attacks and if its security organs are properly resourced to fight the threat.
His claims come at a time when his ministry is battling to unmask those behind a WikiLeaks style Facebook page run under a pseudonym Baba Jukwa.
The page, which had 100 000 followers by Tuesday, has courted the ire of some ZANU-PF heavyweights whose names have been a constant feature on cyber pages.
Despite attempts to locate the shadowy characters behind the page, ZANU-PF has struggled to place its finger on the source of the leaks.
Party officials mauled by the leaks are cagey, fearful that more skeletons could be dumped in the public domain ahead of the forthcoming polls, discrediting the party’s leadership.
Although Sekeramayi did not make any references to Baba Jukwa, he said the security services, some of whose members have previously threatened not to recognise an electoral victory by the MDC-T, were conducting themselves in a professional manner.
“The defence and security personnel are working to ensure that Zimbabwe and all the Zimbabweans live in peace day in and day out, that the economy of the country whether it is industry, commerce or agriculture, runs smoothly without any disturbances and that is their core business,” said Sekeramayi.

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