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MDC Government to usher in more opportunities

I suppose if you consider the fact that shops suddenly filled up with goods after the 2008 elections, it is possible to believe that MDC can pull a rabit under a hat and create more opportunities. Some would say this is selling the country to the West. In my book, even whites from the EAST are still white!! So at th3e end of the day the country is still being sold. But hey, there is no selling of countries, it is just creating business relations and trade ties and so on. No country is an island. No country loses its sovereignity by conducting relations with other nations in a civilised way.

Zanu PF has never embraced democracy but believes in frog marching and coercing people for support, said president Tsvangirai whilst addressing thousands of supporters at Chipadze in Chegutu and Chikonohono stadium in Chinhoyi today.
He said Zanu PF has presided over a collapsing economy for the past 33years and has nothing better to offer the people of Zimabwe if elected into government for the next 5 years. “If Zanu PF asks you to vote for them, ask them what they want to do in the next 5 years which they failed to do for the past 33 years,” said president Tsvangirai.

He took a swipe at Mugabe’s current election message, saying it lacked substance and real issues that affect the people of Zimbabwe. “Mugabe has nothing to offer the people of Zimbabwe, look how he keeps dwelling on history of war of liberation without telling people what he intends to do when elected into government,” president Tsvangirai said.
“Yes the war of liberation was fought 33 years ago, no one dispute that, but now we have to move on and tackle the issues that face the nation” he said.

The president said the MDC is not against the land reform, but wants proper and effective utilisation of those farms. He said the MDC is against multiple farm ownership. “We want one man one farm not what is currently obtaining where Zanu PF shefs own more than one farm,” he said. He said the MDC will establish a land commission to deal with multiple farm ownership.

He said the MDC will revive the agriculture sector so that the country will retain its status as the bread basket of Southern Africa. “This country was once the bread basket of Southern Africa but now it is a basket case to the extent of sourcing food from Zambia,” the president said. He said this scenario was pathetic considering that most of the farmers chased away by the Mugabe regime were the same farmers who were now producing for Zambia.

Turning to the economy, President Tsvangirai said Zanu PF believed in sharing the small economy that is left, whilst the MDC believed in creating more wealth and expanding the existing economy so as to cater for the majority of Zimbabweans. “Zanu PF wants to share the small cake that is left of this country whilst we in the MDC want to create more wealth and more opportunities for the people of Zimbabwe,” the president said.

President Tsvangirai said job creation was high on the agenda of the next MDC government.“Many young people leaving colleges and universities are finding it difficult to secure employment, therefore it was necessary to create employment for these youngsters so that they are able to look after themselves and their families” said president Tsvangirai.

The president said employment could only be created if closed industries are opened and also allowing those with money to come and invest in Zimbabwe. He said Zanu PF had destroyed the economy by scaring away investors and looting the little economy that was left in Zimbabwe.

Turning to Mashonaland West , Chinhoyi and Chegutu in particular, the president said there was need to resuscitate the Batoka gorge in order to increase electricity generation in the country. He said there was also need to reopen the mines that were closed in Mashonaland West.

The president said the MDC government will also ensure better working conditions for farm workers and further promised better remuneration for civil servants.

31 July – two more days to go!!

SW Radio Africa Zimbabwe

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