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My wishlist to ZANU PF

ZANU PF and President Mugabe have won the July 31 elections with MDC declaring that they do not accept the election results as being an accurate reflection of the will of the people of Zimbabwe. Having watched news coverage on different news stations and read the views of both pro ZANU PF and pro MDC supporters, what is almost clear is that the election results will stick unless there is a miracle from heaven for MDC.

The Zimbabwean people in usual fashion will quickly adjust and adapt and carry on with their lives. A commentator stated that their tolerance is the reason why Zimbabwe was one of the last countries to be freed from colonial rule. The people complain, they will grovel, get depressed, but in a week or so they will bounce back and look on the brighter side of life, “At least there is no civil war in Zimbabwe.” Those who are fed up with the ZANU PF regime will pack their bags and go in search of greener pastures. This is the nature of Zimbabweans, so I say, if you can’t beat them join them, join the Zimbabweans in going back to business as usual.  For the next five years, Zimbabweans will continue wheeling and dealing and making a living.

I think tolerance is a good virtue and being Zimbabwean, I believe that I am quite tolerant. I’m just getting myself ready for the inevitable. I am sure before Heroes, the President will be sworn in, President Mugabe will give a speach telling off the West and MDC and Tsvangirai, then life will go back to normal. However I just have a few demands I would like to put out to ZANU PF. As public servants, politicians should be working on our behalf, so we should express our wishes and make our expectations known. We heard the campaign slogan; TAKING BACK THE ECONOMY! Take it back, and please give everyone a piece of the pie.

We would like to see that they were not just empty words. IT NEVER HURT TO DREAM, AND TO DREAM BIG? We have heard empty words for 33 years, but I’ll be a pessimist and hope that this time there will be more delivered by the ZANU administration.

Varume, Ndimi makada Kutonga. Chitongai. Motongawo nemazvo. Kwete kuba chete.Makati Bora mugedhi, bora mugedhi. Bora rakapinda mugedhi, mugedhi reZANU PF, MDC ikaita bora musango. Chitambai bora varume. Mapena bodo. TIRIKUDA MA GO BORA CHETE. MABORA MUGEDHI Zvenhamo ya2008, haikona, hatisikuda repeat. Please, shandirai nyika. Zvekusiya mabhachi muoffice omenda kunoita private business zvinouraya nyika, sungai dzisimbe.


  •   Economic Development
  • Job Creation: Tipeiwo mabasa kwete ekutengesa airtime!
  • Good Governance- Zero Tolerance to corruption
  • Social Development
  • Education for all
  • Quality Healthcare for all

Vanhu we, kutengesa airtime haisi empowerment! Chatirikuda mabasa ekuti tizowana mari yekutenga airtime yacho. I’d like to see a Zimbabwe with a currency worth twice that of the American dollar as it was at 1980. We dont want to continue ruining our country for our children. What will our children inherit if we continue to plunder the economy. Are we going to be like the great businessmen of the 1980’s who died leaving no legacy for their children. We want to hand over a nation that is better than the one we received from the colonisers.


Varume, tirkuda kuona middle class. Not just the rich and the poor. Taneta nenhamo. Ngatidye tose!Kana mari dzemadiamond idzi, ndatidye tose.

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  1. bylliards.makoni@gmail.com
    August 26, 2013 at 1:19 am

    I kindly request you to resend me an email you sent me a few days before this august heros 2013 holiday titled:zimbabwe needs true heros.thank you.looking forward to your reply.from your avid reeder.

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