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President Mugabe tells Tsvangirai to go hang!

In his first public address since presidential and parliamentary elections on July 31, Mr Mugabe, 89, said he and his party Zanu PF had won “not by the gun but by the vote” and thanked his African neighbours for observing, and then validating, the poll. We all knew there was a scathing speach in store for the oppostion, Tsvangirai and the West. I was just waiting to hear the harsh words that were in store from the President Mugabe. A commentator spoke of Mugabe as having a very good command of english that he can throw verbal abuse to his critics in the west using their language.

“We fought gallantly in this election, and we won so overwhelmingly that some people are hurting badly,” he told a rally to mark Heroes Day, an annual celebration of those who fought to liberate Zimbabwe, formerly Rhodesia, from white minority rule.

“If they cannot stomach it, they can go and hang. If they die, even dogs will not sniff at their corpses. Never will we go back on our victory.”

To loud cheers from the thousands of party supporters who turned out for the event bearing neatly-printed, anti-Western placards, he dismissed the claim by his rival Morgan Tsvangirai that he won by widespread rigging and intimidation — an allegation backed by countries including Britain, America and Australia.

“We are delivering democracy on a platter. We say take it or leave it,” he said. “The emphatic vote assures us that Zimbabwe will never be a colony again. Never, ever, ever.”

The nation awaits the verdic of the MDC appeal regarding the election which they declared to be a complete sham. Only time will see what will become of the election.

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