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NoViolet makes Zimbabwe and Africa proud

A very well done to NoVioet Bulawayo for becoming Zimbabwe and Africa’s first female writer to be shortlisted for a Man Book award. She was also the youngest contender for this years prize. The boos narrator, Darling is a young girl who moves to America from Zimbabwe. She tells Imagethe story of the rasuggles in Zimbabwe, from Gukurahundi, Murambatsvina and other human rights injustes. She manages to do this without coming across like a news broadcast.

No Violet aclaims her success partly to the oral stories (ngano) that her grandparents used to tell her. Each school holiday she went to the rural areas where her grandparents would tell stories to entertain the children. in an interview she says that she thought it was normal that the world was told in stories. She also goes back to a game, country game, that she played as a child, where if you lost the game you had to settle for countries like Dubai and South Africa. The real countries were considered to be the UK and the the USA. The children in we need new names played this country game.


I remember playing country game as a child and I remember ngano, told by my grandmother. It is amazing how noViolet has taken simple childhood influences to pen a great work. I am also intrigued by her audacity to write Zimbabwean history boldly when most zimbabweans are afraid of just commenting on social and political issues affecting our nation. This gaves me hope that the next generation will not just accept things as they are but will boldy and speak about these issues.

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