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PSMAS workers pressing for a huge pay rise

Premier Services Medical Aid Society workers are now pressing for a huge pay rise following revelations tha their bosses are earning astonishingly high salaries.

Medical Workers Union (Mpawuz) said it was deeply concerned that some Psmas bosses were taking home as much as US$200 000 in salaries per month.“This is morally reprehensible considering the meagre Psmas employees are earning,” reads part of the statement from Mpawuz.

The union said in the face of such huge salaries, it would soon press for salaries no less than US$800 per month for ordinary workers.“We cannot continue to allow 14 top executives to earn US$1,1 million per month more than the total amount of what hundreds of Psmas employees are earning,” said the union.

Also mired in the salary scam is Psmas’s former finance manager, Ernest Gwinyai who earned a basic salary of US$200 000 a month while group operations executive, Enock Chitekedza was getting US$122 000 per month.There were eight other senior executives who were earning basic salaries of US$60 000 per month while three middle managers were paid US$30 000, US$22 000 and US$15 000 each.Pmawuz said if the bosses’ salaries were cut to “reasonable levels” the medical aid society would afford to award its lowest paid employees’ salaries above US$1 200 per month.

Meanwhile board members would last night not say how much Mr Dube would take home effective this month, but sources indicated it would be within the range of the highest-paid CEO in Zimbabwe’s private sector, a figure believed to be between US$50 000 and US$60 000.This would mean, Mr Dube now gets roughly a quarter of what he earned between September and December 2013, but is still in the highest-paid job in a Government-linked enterprise.

Another source said this salary would also be slashed when Government completes its realignment of packages of bosses at parastatals and State-owned enterprises. In a statement soon after last night’s board meeting, deputy board chair Mr Newton Mhlanga claimed they had taken the decision in December 2013.

The board met yesterday to review operations at PSMAS and respond to articles by The Herald this week on the firm’s debts and its salary structure.“The board caused an immediate review of the remuneration of top management in line with market trends. The board commissioned an independent salary survey to guide its deliberations and communicated its position to Government through the Ministry of Finance.

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