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Zimbabwe’s Money grabbers- Politicians, Prophets and Executives

The last year has revealed a new type of wealth in Zimbabwe that has left the population astounded. There has been the emergence of Prophets who seem to have a moneypot that doesn’t run dry.  Every Sunday they collect money from eager believers who are trying to ‘sow’ their way to a better life. The prophets live extravagant lives driving extravagant cars while their followers believe their seed will break the cycle of poverty in their lives.

On the other side, it has emerged that executives have been earning as much as US230 000 a month. The shocking levels of sleaze wrought by unbridled greed and a sense of entitlement have consistently made headlines, while the stratospheric salaries of as much as US$230 000 per month have staggered struggling Zimbabweans who mostly subsist on less than US$2 per day. As NewsDay aptly put it, with his monthly salary of US$230 000 Premier Service Medical Aid Society (Psmas) CEO Cuthbert Dube could afford to pay 500 teachers every month (at US$500 each); purchase 57 Toyota Vitz/Honda Fits every month (US$4 000 from Japan); pay for 75 000 soccer fans at the National Sports Stadium at US$3 each and buy 10 houses in Harare’s high-density suburbs at US$23 000 each.

There is no justification of such outrageous salaries in an economy that is almost bankrupt, paid by companies that are riddled by debt. It is insane to justify such salaries because executives around the world earn such salaries. Other executives earn such salaaries because they work for fortune 500 companies and are brining in revenue that allows for such salaries to be paid out. In any case, executives around the world have been nown to go witout salaries so as to pay their employees and turn around their companies.

Businesses have come and gone. As they say in Shona, aiva madziva ava ma zambuko, meaning the big fish are now small fish. Never in a million years did anyone think that the Borrowdale Brook Spar would shut its doors, but it has since closed its doors. We have seen TN bank try every form of diversification to stay n the game, but diversificatin doesn’t seem to be working. Nigel Chanakira sold his Kingdom bank and from then the bank has been gong through a rough patch. With major corporations are toitering on the edge of collapse, it is difficult to say which businessmen are making it big.

The riskiest thing to do in Zimbabwe is to start your own business. The most profitable thing to do is to get into politics like our Chinotimba, or get ourself some swag and become a prophet. If we were to choose careers based on the current money making trends in Zimbabwe, we’d have to say the best money making careers are politicians, prophets and executives. There are no responsibilities with these positions because there is no accountability in Zimbabwe, so you will never lose.

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