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Learn to say, ‘Sorry, I failed’ and resign

Shame Isaki
CORRUPTION, mediocrity, abuse of public funds, concealment of important information and lies are the main evils that are threatening to bring our beloved country to its knees.

These things are turning most Zimbabweans into destitution and at the same time causing once straight-forward characters to turn to criminality.

 While hardships are part and parcel of  life, ours are more painful in the sense that they are more of self-inflicted than they are natural.

 For a country that boasts of vast tracts of arable land, vast deposits of various minerals and a highly educated population to find itself in such a sorry situation is not only mind-boggling but sickening too.

Some countries are poor because they don’t have any valuable resources to trade in, others are poor because of civil strife and others because nature has been against them, but Zimbabwe is poor not because of any of the above, but because of its own people failing to adequately utilise available resources. Surely for a nation that is serious about serving the interests of its people, how on earth can we allow the gross indiscipline that has bedevilled almost all State-owned institutions, quasi-government institutions and parastatals to continue unabated? The Ministry of Mines has been rocked by its own scandals with millions of dollars of diamond revenue suspected to have been siphoned using different methods.

 This is only diamonds and we do not even know anything about the other minerals. Minister Walter Chidhakwa has taken over the mess that was presided over by his predecessor, Dr Obert Mpofu, who up to now has not even been taken to task to explain the rot in the Ministry of Mines, but instead he has been entrusted with another lucrative ministry responsible for the tollgates. Now if a minister who ran down his ministry is entrusted with another one, seriously what are we trying to achieve at the end of the day?

 During his tenure as Minister of Mines, Dr Mpofu is reported to have bailed out ZABG Bank (now Allied Bank) to the tune of $12 million, where was all this money coming from?

At the formation of the inclusive Government, Cde Webster Shamu was appointed Minister of Media, Information and Publicity and was responsible for the appointment of Happison Muchechetere to the position of ZBH CEO and the board of directors. Now five years down the line, the nation is shocked to hear of abuse of public funds at the public broadcaster in the form of obscene salaries and other underhand dealings.

 The same people appointed to the ZBH board and have run down the public broadcaster are the same people who have also looted PSMAS and ZIFA.

 The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services, Mr George Charamba, has been at pains to explain to the nation this madness at ZBC. While he said he tried to have the situation addressed, but political reasons thwarted him, this still does not satisfy the generality of Zimbabweans. Elections are won when political parties tackle corruption, mediocrity, abuse of funds and other vices and not when political parties cover evil in order for them to win. We don’t call this winning an election but deception which is why most Zimbabweans are just angry. We feel cheated, abused and taken for granted.

While all these things are happening, we should not forget the days of stayaways masterminded by the ZCTU and MDC. MDC wanted to be in power at any cost, they supported the stayaways as a way of pushing Zanu-PF out of power and the consequences of such an action are there for all to see.

 Not only that, but Tsvangirai went further by calling for sanctions to be imposed on the country. Now he can’t influence those countries to remove the sanctions and, meanwhile, it is the ordinary Zimbabweans suffering. Some in MDC want Tsvangirai to go because he has had his chance and failed to deliver, but he is fighting tooth and claw to stay on.

 So the issue of staying put is more of a national problem now because incompetent people both in Government and opposition politics are hanging in on there even if there is public outcry and calls for them to step down. Why is it so difficult for our politicians to acknowledge failure and resign? If you are in that office to serve the people and the same people are demanding answers you cannot give, why is it so difficult to leave office?

 So it is not about serving the people and the nation at large but personal interests. Zimbabweans will respect you more if you would just say I am sorry, I have failed and I am resigning.

 The Western nations are successful because they are accountable to the people who elected them. They are not perfect, yes, that is why most of them resign when they mess up, not in Zimbabwe or Africa.

 Zimbabwe Cricket is on its knees financially and administratively owing to these scandalous dealings which are always veiled under the emotive issues deracialisation and inclusivity and yet people are simply pursuing personal agendas with a view to enrich themselves. How can directors of MetBank be administrators of cricket and at the same time have their bank to manage ZC’s accounts? There is a direct conflict of interest and yet this has been going on for ages until Zimbabwe’s cricket has sunk to unimaginable low levels.

 The same people at MetBank are found at Air Zimbabwe which is another organisation struggling because of mismanagement. Then the Energy Mutodi case is another example of how our politics has gone to the dogs. We have young men and women who are used as fronts by heartless politicians to swindle unsuspecting struggling ordinary Zimbabweans of their hard-earned cash while in the event of arrests and prosecution there are promises and guarantees of security. At the end of the day it’s always the ordinary Zimbabwean at the receiving end.

 Those who are supposed to protect us have turned against us for the love of the dollar. The liberation struggle has been betrayed big time. We say no to corruption!

Source: Manica Post

  • Shame Isaki is a political analyst, business management consultant and preacher can be contacted on 0773 018 662, 08644105117 Email placementscorporate@gmail.com.
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