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Choosing a good University

There are two important decisions that everyone will make in their life. One is which career to pursue and the other is who to marry. The career decision depends on a lot of factors, what you want to study and the career path that qualification will give you. It is possible to change careers in todays world without much retraining, but on the whole, your first degree often determines where your career is headed. Another deciding factor regarding your career, is thw university you choose to study in. This also depends on the country you choose to study in as well. Some countries offer greater career opportunities compared to others, so this is also an important consideration to take into account. Everyone aims to make it into an Ivy League university or the top Universities. Getting a place at Havard or the London School of Economics will definitely set you up for success. Getting into top universities is tough as compeition is stiff. Top universities also tend to be more expensive, however, banks are often quite willing to loan you the fees for the program, even for International Students. They obviously know that the risk is low, because you will be landing a good job immediately after completing your degree. It is always best to aim for top Universities, because most Zimbawean students have a very high aptitude and can make into top universities. Zimbabwean students tend to excel at their studies and this also opens doors for future employment and study. It is of not much value to go to an unknown University in a country that nokne has ever heard of. Finding employment with qualifications that are not rcognised is a challenge. Zimbabwean Universities are still recognised worldwide for the quality of graudates they produce. It is much better to study in Zimbabwe than to go and obtain a degree from Kazacstan. For starters language is going to be a problem for you. Second, there are very ittle prospects of getting employment in Kazactsan because of the kanguage barriers. Universities sometimes focus more on raising money than on teaching. The easiest way to raise money is from international students who often pay more than ten times the local fees. Don’t be misled by glossy brochures. Agents are looking for money, they do not care about your future. Do your own homework. Do your homework, especially how valuable your degree will be after you finish. I have a friend who went to study in Cyprus. After a year, she realised that she was wasting her time and left to go to study in the UK. She discovered that the education she was receiving was not up to the standard she expected. Cyprus is known for partying and good beaches and not for its academics. After spending thousands of dollars and wasting time, it wil be very disappointing to discover that the University of Zimbabwe was going to be a better place to study. Local employment prospects Using University of Zimbabwe as a benchmark, UZ graduates get employed in Zimbabwe and are often given more preference than students from other universities. International Employement Prospects It is very asy to notice that UZ students are Holding their own on the international market. Some countries degrees are not recognised worldwide. Future Study Students from UZ, often get into Masters and do toral programs worldide without any issues. Countries known for academic excellence include UK, USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Malaysia and Hong Kong to name a few. In Africa Libya and Egypt are also well recognised. Studying in Zimbabwe Fees range from around US500 per semester. Studying n Zimbabwe has the adavantage that students can boad with friwnds and family, or find cheap accomodation of campus. Many students pay their own fees through creative means such as tutoring, buying and selling. Studying in Zimbabwe has the advantage of being familiar with traditions and culture of the country. After the first degree, there is ample opportunity to spread your wings. We have about eight universities in Zimbabwe, so almost everyone can go to university. South Africa Fees Yearly fees for universities in South Africa range from between R26 000 with some going as high as R100 000 and beyond, depending on the university and pogram. Boarding fees Range from as little as R10 000 going up, depending on the type of accommodation sought and location of university. Studying in the UK I will not mince my words. Studying in the UK is not easy. It is expensive, with tuition starting from roughly £10 000 pounds per annum. Together with upkeep, that is accomodatiin, transport, food and clothing, it will add up to a significant amoint, even if you ate beans on toas for three years. Don’t believe the lie that you can work and pay your fees, students are only allowed to work 20 hours a week and often qualify for low paying jobs. In any case, you will need to satify the immigration that you can have reasonable means to pay the fees. USA and Canada Fees may be a bit cheaper than the UK depending on where.you choose to study. Like the UK, don’t assume you will be able to pay your own fees. A very good option that is not considered by most school leavers is distance learning. Today it is possible to get a degree without ever seting foot on the campus. Online degrees are offered bu many good universities and these present a cheaper option of obtaining a degree. While earning a degree, it is possible to work and pay for your own degree. If I had tochoose between going t Kazkstan or staying in Zimbabwe and soing UNISA, I would definitely choose unisa.

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