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How to start a transport business

Does the thought of owning a large truck (gonyet in shona, so called because those loading the trucks always said, is it ‘Gone Yet?’) get you excited? Have a look at a few pointers before you invest your hard earned money. The transport business is not all rosey, so don’t jump in unless you are well prepare for a roller coaster ride.


Colourful Volvo F12 and FH12 recovery vehicles... Colourful Volvo F12 and FH12 recovery vehicles outside business premises, Dallinghoo, (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many people are lured into the transport business without really counting the cost. I was reading a transport forum a few weeks ago and someone said, ‘Why does every Jack and Jill want to get into the transport business?’ From a distance it looks like a piece of cake, you buy the trucks, get a driver and get on with it.

In reality, from the get go, there are numerous hurdles to be overcome. It may be difficult to get finance to finance your business because many financial institutions require that you have a long standing contract to ensure that you can pay back the loan. The transport business is high risk and the banks are very cautious when lending money. This should get you thinking, why don’t banks hand out money on a silver platter…

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