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Teachers to be paid during school terms only

Comrades we have learned with shock that our ministry is mooting a position not to pay teachers salaries for April, August and December because we will be on holiday and not rendering any service to gvt.

We have also learnt that all sporting activities in schools will only be done on Saturdays only because they are disturbing lessons during the week.

As if this is not enough comrades we are told the curriculum has to change within the next 4 months and ALL teachers who do not have Science, Maths and English at “O” Level irrespective of the subject they teach and any other higher qualification they hold must rewrite these subjects within a grace period of time failure to the system will eject them.

Comrades the direction our ministry is taking is shocking to say the least and as a union we are not going to sit back and watch a total destruction of our profession, education system and country by misguided and over zealous elements in gvt, a BIG NO! The President Cde RG Mugabe and many other patriotic Zimbabweans, ourselves included, have worked very hard for the past 34 years to build this education system admired the world over and someone comes and wants to change, not overhaul, the whole system in less that 365 days comrades and we say THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE.

Comrades we are waiting for President Cde RG Mugabe to come back home so that we write to him like we did the last time he gave us Chigwedere as Minister that we have lost faith and hope in Hon Dokora and if no action is taken we will be left with no option but to hit the streets.

Comrades the law does not work in retrospective so if we now want teachers with the said subjects then it applies to those getting to colleges now. Why is this applying to teachers only? What about the Education Officails from The districts upto the Minister himself, do they have these subjects? What about Doctors and Professors who entered Universities with a single point, should they rewrite their “A” level to get the “correct” points to enter universities? Honestly what is this madness comrades?

Now we have noted with concern an increase in disciplinary cases,forced transfers and placing of CCTVs in classrooms which to us is an attempt to silence those who dare challenge this madness but to the Minister and all those who care to listen, we have removed our gloves and fitted new shock absorbers to defend our gains for the past 34 years so we are more than ready to provide leadership to the teachers of Zimbabwe and we have the capacity.

Comrades we have gone through the ZimAsset document and it has nothing of the nonsense we are experiencing now and one wonders what has gone wrong with Hon Dokora even though he constantly makes reference to the document.

The removal of sporting activities from school days to weekends is a direct attack on the ministry of sports and culture and on the President who created that ministry that Hon Dokora is not willing to accommodate them or is it that he wanted to run both?

Give us your views comrades whilst we wait for the coming of the President and if there are any who know Hon Dokora from the past lets us know who he is as this might help us understand what type of a person we are dealing with. VIVA PTUZ VIVA .

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