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Bring Back our girls


Fox News reports that the some 500 hunters, armed with homemade weapons, have said they will use mystical powers to find the girls who have been missing for more than a month.

According to the report, the hunters range from 18 to 80 years of age and have been waiting for the military’s green light for the past two weeks. The government and military have yet to find the group of girls abducted from their school hostel by Boko Haram. The only girls who have been found are the few who managed to escape by themselves.

There is a Shona saying doing the rounds these days, ‘Unobva washaya kuti zviri kufamba sei?’ This phrase just expresses your sheer disbelief at the situations that are happening around the world.  Two months after the girls were ubducted and the hunters are only starting to organise themselves. My question is where are the witchdoctors, where are the prophets, where are the spirit mediums, where are the soldiers, where are the policemen, where are the air-force. I do not believe in spirit mediums and all sorts, but I am trying to say that everyone in their sphere should be doing their part. I would have expected the renowned prophets of this land to give GPS coordinates of the exact position of where the girls are with specific instructions as to ho to rescue the girls without any bloodshed. Unfortunately, church services go on wholeheartedly with just a limp prayer to remember the girls.

I noted with disbelief on Saturday as an SAA airbus took to skies for President Zuma’s inauguration. Shona expresses thoughts in words that in a way that the English language cannot. When faced with great emotions, I often turn to Shona proverbs to express exactly how I feel. In this case, what I had to say was ‘Nhamo yemumwe hairegererwe sadza‘. An English translation makes the saying a mockery, all the same, this translates to, ‘You won’t skip your dinner because of another persons problems.  But this has been proven true with regards to the abducted girls. Unobva washaya kuti zviri kufamba sei!

Sylvester Stallone, Mel Gibson, Antonio Banderas and Kellan Lutz hold signs reading 'Bring Back Our Girls'

Tomorrow, the 27th of May, Nigeria celebrates Children’s day, without the abducted girls. Whether it will be celebration remains to be seen. Yesterday, the 25th of May, Africa celebrated Africa day. What is there to celebrate really? Is this what we call freedom? Governments doing as they please whenever they please, terrorists doing as they please whenever they please, the poor suffering without anyone batting an eyelid, millions going  hungry, HIV and AIDs wiping out villages, the poor getting poorer and the rich getting richer.

As Nigeria celebrates Children’s Day tomorrow, our thoughts are with the girls.

Bring back our girls.


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