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Why it is important to wear seat belts

I am studying a bit of physics today. Back in my days we didn’t have the internet to aid us as we tried to understand the laws of Physics. Today you type in one word and hundreds of references come up. So today, as a result I thoroughly understood the laws of motion, so I decided to share my wisdom.

The reason why we wear seat belts today is as a result of one of Newtons laws. The first law to be quite exact. This is the easiest law to remember and you can pretend to be a physicist because you understand the first law of Motion, which is Newtons first law. We must thank Newton for this revelation that led to the development of one of the greatest features of this age, the seat belt.

The law states that ” Every body, or object continues in its state of rest or motion unless acted upon by an external force.” This means that if you are sitting in a car moving at 60km an hour, if the car stops, you shall continue to move at 60km an hour. This is why people suddenly develop the ability to fly. It is very important to wear a seat-belt at all time while in a moving vehicle. It is for your own protection.

A couple recently lost two children over the Easter holidays in Zimbabwe. The couple was driving out of town over the holidays with their two children when the father was forced to brake suddenly. Both parents were wearing seat-belt but two adult children sitting at the back of the car were not wearing seat- belts. Unfortunately, the two children died on the spot.

Parents often allow their children to float around the car without wearing seat- belts, while they sit at the front wearing seat belts. We need to understand that we wear seat belts for our own safety, not so that we do not get tickets from police.

This is one campaign I would urge the ministry of transport to launch and to penalise offenders heavily for. If the police were out on the road fining people who are not wearing seat belts, I would not complain one bit. That, plus those who talk and text while driving.

Please be safe on the road and always wear seat-belts and keep children in car seats. Don’t drink and drive, don’t text and call while driving and don’t keep your attention on the Road.

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