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Useful Nigeria Business Links

It is no secret that Nigeria is the investment place to be in Africa right now. This is the time to enter the market, as complex as it is. John Robie of 702 is in Lagos and has been giving insights on Nigeria, so zimdev decided to do a focus on Nigeria special today. While the rest of Africa hide from Bako Horam, Robie and his team are in Nigeria giving South Africans insights into the Nigerian market. South Africa has already taken great leaps to enter the Nigerian market and more companies are set to come in.America, under President Obama’s doing Business with the World, there is also a great focus on doing Business with Nigeria.

Nigeria is the most populous country on the African continent and also the fastest growing export market in the region. Our experienced Commercial Specialists can help your company identify business opportunities, find local partners, promote your products and services, provide useful market reports and insights as well as give other export related guidance.

Nigeria is a fertile ground for businesses but ironically, it is one of the least exploited markets by foreign investors. This is probably due largely to its penchant for attracting negative reports in the international media.

Commercial Service Nigeria offers both complimentary and fee-based market research tools to help you analyze the market, gain insight into specific sectors, understand the business environment, and plan your next move. The country Commercial Guide and the Industry Sector Analysis reports are prepared and updated every year by our experienced Commercial Specialists to serve your purpose.

Click on any of the titles below for a detailed description of their content and availability:

It is advisable never do business in Nigeria without ensuring that you are dealing with a vetted, confirmed Nigerian company (there are many).

Public Sector

Private Sector

Other Tender Publications

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