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Importation of cars to Zimbabwe

Buying cars, Check out the rates for duty before you make the purchase.


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The importation of reconditioned cars has been extended. This means that anyone who would like to import a reconditioned car can do so while the extension is still on. There are many pros and cons for buying reconditioned cars, but below are the Zimra requirements to clear you car. Teachers are supposedly given a rebate and do not need to pay duty on cars, but it is important to find out from the relevant Zimra office before starting the process of buying the car.

The importation of motor vehicles by private individuals is treated more or less like the importation of other goods. The following legal requirements apply when one imports a motor vehicle for private use;

Particulars of Vehicle on Entry – Declaration

It is a legal requirement that a person importing a vehicle into Zimbabwe makes a declaration of the particulars relating to the vehicle. A declaration on Form 47 (ZIMRA Customs Declaration Form) should be completed giving…

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