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This is what a R250m House looks like

Douw's R250m House

This is what 250 million rand house looks like. This makes Zuma’s R250m house below pale in comparison. The magnificent Douw home above shows you what R250 million can do. This is South Africa’s most expensive house, and rightfully so.

Steyn’s home is located in Styen City, a development just next to Dainfern. It is country estate offering country living, but with all amenities conveniently within reach. Steyn City is planned to host 11 000 residences. It will also have a private hospital, two private schools and a number of office parks. Half the estate will be wooded parkland through which there will be a 42km running track.

To top it all of, the mansion has a garage that parks 33 cars comfortably, show room style. After all a man needs to show of his toys. This I would say is R250m well spent. At least one doesn’t have to ask where all the money went as with the Zuma residence. Above all, at least we do not have to question where all the money came from to build such a beautiful house.

Hate it or love it, the land has definitely been steyned as some would say. On the brighter side maybe the people of Deipsloot will no longer have to travel all the way to Sandton for work.

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