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Zimbabwe Passport out in Seven weeks

Just received a text message saying my passport is out. I suppose to those who obtain passports easily, this is nothing to write about, but with my experience getting a Zimbabwean passport in the past, I say this is a major victory.

There is now no need to go to the passport office every few weeks to check. They have improved their system, by sending out text messages to inform you that your passport is out. I guess this also builds to the efficiency, no need to deal with hundreds of people inquiring about their passports every day.

When they told me that my passport was going to be out in six weeks, I just sighed and nodded. Being the cautious person I am, I had applied for a passport almost a year early, so that there would be no need for emergency expensive applications. It was a week later than promised, but I’m not counting the weeks. What is a week between friends. Looking from where we’ve come from this is a great great improvement.

I will say that the process has improved greatly. It is worlds apart from 2008 when you needed to ‘beg to apply’ to get a passport. For those who never experienced this, in 2008, hundreds if not thousands of people woke early with application letters in hand, to apply for passports. The letters were collected and then screened! Those with compelling reasons why they needed passports were then given forms. People went for weeks, changing stories everyday, till they got one that hit! At least that is no longer the case. Everyone is entitled to having a passport and there is no need to know what they want to do with it.

Well done to the Department of Registrations! Please keep up the good work and continue improving your system.

Passport Submitted on the 8th of May 2014
Passport out on 27 June 2014, almost seven weeks after submission.

I am sure the emergency passports are also efficient. Mine was a regular $50 application.

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